Nadia Cutro: The Interview, by Pablo Machi

Pablo Machi delivers HANDBRAKES & HAIRPINS an interview with Nadia Cutro, a rally sensation in Argentina. Competing in the Tango Rally Team Ligato and piloting a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, Cutro has been successful and victorius in a number of events this season.

PM: What can you tell us of your tests in the Tango Rally Team’s factory Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX ahead of the Plaza Huincul Rally? Are you positive about the tests?
NC: “Yes, absolutely. For us it was necessary to test because its a new car. In turn it helped us a lot when reading the road, how to corner and to hold back. It was a big change, and we thank Mark and the team.”

PM: Nadia, that’s your Neuquén debut with the Lancer Evo IX of the Tango Rally Team?
NC: “Although it was, we are very happy for having gone to the event. It was a race in which we had many difficulties. However, we could enjoy it in every way to the point where we wanted to keep running because we loved the Evo IX!”

PM: What are the differences found between the old Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII and IX?
NC: “What surprised us most was that the power was available to pull us out of the corners. It is a car that turns, brakes and accelerates; what I enjoyed most was using the handbrake! The team gave us a great car.”

PM: In what do you prefer to handle the new car: on the straights or corners?
NC: “Hmmm… I enjoy the power curve and the cornering ability of the car, and the speed then doubles. I believe that in both these situations there are things that one likes. At this point, we like everything!”

PM: Are you satisfied with your adaptation and progress so far in this new vehicle?
NC: “I think we have achieved much in the short time, and especially in all things that make being in those stage times, like a leaf, the car, the handling. We try to learn every day.”

PM: How you rate the new cars today and the competitiveness in the new N4 Light Class in the Argentine Rally Championship?
NC: “I think is the best time of this class. There are many drivers and all a high level. We can see that in every race, the lead changes and we don’t know who will win until the final finish as all are very evenly matched.”
PM: Nadia, I was surprised by the large number of people supporting you during weekend in Plaza Huincul, and did this encourage and motivate you to score a good result on Rally Argentina?
NC: “People always surprise us; this is the beauty of it… The affection and encouragement of our supporters who are close to you or suuport you in every rally is priceless. We got to where we are thanks to all those people!”

PM: What is your plan for the coming events of the Argentine Rally Championship? Are you getting prepared physically to aim for a better performance at every rally?
NC: “I have prepared physically since January in a gym where I train. More than a month ago, we started to exercise twice a day, six days a week. I’ve really noticed a big change and I am very satisfied with the results.”

PM: Nadia, do you have a career plan confirmed for the remainder of the Argentine Rally Championship?
NC: “If we do all the dates on the calendar, except Catamarca and Rio Negro rallies, as they are two dates in the same month and we don’t have the budget to do both these events. Hopefully we can get something and to also be working harder and to keep search for sponsors for the future.”

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Photos: Raul Bellido and Eugenia Davila