MTN Polokwane Rally: Overall Results after SS4

Leery Poulter (Castrol Team Toyota Auris S2000) has extended his lead by 5sec, and his teammate Johnny Gemmell has reclaimed secon place ahead of Herngen Fekken (BP Volkswagen Polo S2000).

JP Damseaux (Team Total Toyota Auris S2000) retired in SS3 after hitting a tree and ripping his left rear wheel off his rally machine. Enzo Kuun, after losing 4min in SS3, retired within sight of the Flying Finish in SS4. Stefaniw Botha retired near the beginning of SS4 with gearbox failure on her Team Total Toyota RunX S1600. Gugu Zulu retired in this stage too with broken suspension.

Crews have five stages remaining for Day One.

Overall Standings after SS6:
1) Poulter – 37m 25.0s
2) Gemmell +17.9s
3) Fekken +20.8s
4) De Villiers +54.3s
5) Cronje +56.4s
6) Habig +01m 26.6s