MTN Polokwane Rally: Overall Results after SS5

The rally has seen its lead change once more, with BP Volkswagen Polo S2000 driver Hergen Fekken in charge.

A slender 0.2sec behind is Leery Poulter (Castrol Team Toyota Auris S2000), with Mark Cronje (Team Sasol Ford Fiesta S2000) in third with 29.6sec.

Championship contenders Mark Cronje and Conrad Rautenbach (GreenFuel Ford Fiesta S2000) fighting it out, as Enzo Kuun has retired on SS4.

Overall Results after SS5:
1) Fekken – 49m 11.6s
2) Poulter +0.2s
3) Cronje +29.6s
4) De Villiers +31.6s
5) Gemmell +48.3s
6) Rautenbach +01m 18.0s