Sebastien Loeb: Wax on, wax off

Journalist Marion Jolles hosted the evening combining sport and conviviality, which celebrated the inauguration of the wax figure of the seven-time world rally champion!

Béatrice de Reynies, the general manager of the Grévin museum, met Sébastien Loeb on Thursday 13 October and congratulated him on his extraordinary achievements on the world motor sporting scene, as well as applauding the arrival of a rally driver in the museum for the first time. In turn, Bernard Pivot, the President of the Grévin Academy, officially enthroned Sébastien Loeb with a light hearted amusing speech. Finally, an emotional Gérard Holtz took over and retraced the prestigious results of the French sportsman and honoured his arrival in the Grévin museum.

In five minutes, a succession of striking images retracing Loeb’s remarkable career showed the dexterity and mastery of the driver and his co-driver Daniel Elena in the Citroën WRCs on all kinds of surfaces. Sébastien was surrounded by his family including his mother and his wife, his friends and the Citroën management.

When he discovered his wax double, he was left open mouthed with astonishment! He gave it a minute examination and then told the press what he thought. Facing this remarkably true-to-life figure he said: “It’s really a kind of consecration for me to join the figures in the Grévin museum.”

It took six months to create his wax double from his first rendezvous with sculptor Stéphane Barret and the workshop team. Loeb entered into the spirit of things with his usual sense of humour and naturalness. Everything has to be studied down to the tiniest detail with the celebrity so that the resemblance is almost uncanny. Sébastien Loeb’s hair and blue eyes were all recreated down to the tiniest detail.

Loeb’s wax double in his rally driving suit will be on show on a base marked “Rallye Grévin” not far from Tony Parker and Sébastien Chabal in the section of the museum dedicated to sports people.

From 14th October onwards, all Sébastien Loeb’s male and female supporters will be able to pose with their favourite sportsman for a unique photo.

Sébastien Loeb joins the 250 personalities in the Grévin museum including those enthroned in 2011: Sébastien Chabal, Cécilia Bartoli and Brad Pitt. At the end of 2011 the Grévin museum’s present to the
Grévin children will be the Little Prince. The Grévin museum is a private institution on the ‘Grands Boulevards.’ It was created in 1882 and welcomes almost 800,000 visitors per year.
– Credit: Information supplied by Citroën Racing.