Taking action for road safety

With decals on their vehicles South Africa’s top Rally Competitors in the South African National Championship, displayed their personal and motorsport’s unequivocal commitment to the FIA’s Decade of Action for Road Safety during the MTN Polokwane Rally in Limpopo, this weekend.

The FIA has called on Governments across the world to back a campaign for a ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’, which targets a 50 per cent reduction in road deaths globally by 2020.

Francois Pretorius, CEO of Motorsort South Africa (MSA) says, MSA the controlling body of motorsport in the country, is committed in supporting this campaign. “We are grateful that the South African Government has thrown their weight behind this.”

At the launch of the SADC Decade of Action for Road Safety in Centurion earlier this month, Mr Sibusiso Ndebele, Minister of Transport, said road crashes kill more than 40 people a day in South Africa and leave scores of people injured. “Many of those killed are breadwinners for their families. By 2015 road crashes will be the leading cause of premature death and disability above the age of 5 in developing countries and unless as a country we act now, it will be too late. The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 has come to stabilise and reverse road deaths. Together we can save millions of lives.”

Pretorius said MSA will heed to the Minister’s request that each should play a role in preventing deaths and injuries on the road. “MSA will play its role by make ambassadors available, offer expertise in driver training where required and generally creating an awareness through motorsport for this campaign. The display of decals stating, ‘FIA Action for Road Safety’ like on the recent Rally, is but on step in creating that awareness. It will be expanded to other facets of the sport.”

Well-known motorsport Champions like Michael Schumacher, has already thrown their support behind this initiative globally. He is on record saying that: “If we don’t act now, millions will lose their lives on the world’s roads over the next decade. We need a global Decade of Action for Road Safety to replicate and build on Costa Rica’s own safety measures.”

The Decade of Action initiative forms the latest stage of the FIA and FIA Foundation’s Make Roads Safe campaign. This began with the FIA’s ‘Declaration on Global Road Safety’, which was signed by all FIA Clubs at the 2006 FIA General Assembly in Barcelona and which laid out a broad agenda for future road safety policy from funding and development to campaigning and lobbying.
– Credit: Motorsport South Africa.