Eleven nations represented on Bulldog International Rally North Wales

The second round of the 2012 MSA British Rally Championship has had an influx of drivers from overseas. Including domestic drivers, eleven countries are represented on the classic Bulldog International Rally of North Wales.

Crews from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Eire, France, Finland, Norway, Estonia, USA and Australia will contest the Welshpool-based event, making it almost as diverse as the World Rally Championship’s entry lists.

The all two wheel drive championship seems to have sparked even more interest from around the globe this year, although the BRC has always been a mecca for all nationalities, the title having been taken under numerous nations’ flags and contested by even more.

In fact since 1970, before which it was a mostly domestic series, the prestigious title has been won by nine Englishmen, two Irishman, four Scots, two Welshmen, three Manxmen, five Finns and a Swede – no joke!

The last time the trophy went to a driver from outside the islands of Britain and Ireland was in 2000, when Finn Marko Ipatti won by just one point from Mark Higgins, Higgins’ co-driver Bryan Thomas spoiling the Finn’s clean sweep with the co-driver’s title for England.

So with almost certainly the most diverse entry in the series’ 54 year history and some of the closest competition too, the finish podium could well be graced by some new national flags in Welshpool next weekend.

For more information on the MSA British Rally Championship visit www.rallybrc.co.uk.