Five minutes with IRC’s Bryan Bouffier

Q: Welcome back to the IRC Bryan, what’s your target for this week’s rally?
BB: “I hope to be in the lead of the rally, that is my target. I did the rally for the first time last year, it was fantastic with beautiful stages. I have a good car from Delta Rally, a good co-driver and a good motivation to push. It won’t be easy because the level is very high in the IRC but I will do my best.”

Q: It’s been a few months now since your last IRC appearance. Will that affect your performance in Corsica?
BB: “For sure I have not done the IRC since Açores but I had a good performance on Rallye Lyon Charbonnières, a round of the French championship, and that was important because it means I have been driving recently.”

Q: The rally has a reputation for being very difficult. Do you agree?
BB: “It’s a very difficult race because you have a difference of wide and smooth and narrow and bumpy stages where the rhythm is changing. This can make the set-up difficult but with Peugeot we have a good set-up from last year, it’s just a question of finding the right one for the conditions.”

Q: What are the secrets to being quick in Corsica?
BB: “You have to be careful and not take so many cuts in the corners because it’s easy to get a puncture like I did last year and lose a lot of time. You need a high concentration but you have to remember even though the rally is long it is a sprint and the difference between the drivers won’t be much.”

Q: Being French how important would winning this rally be to you and your career?
BB: “For a sportsman each race is important but Corsica is, perhaps, much more important than the other because it is in my country and winning would be very satisfying.”
– Credit: IRC Series.