Wilson’s recovery aided by innovative IWalkFree design

Matthew Wilson’s recovery may have taken longer than expected after the British star broke his ankle whilst training earlier this year, but thanks to an innovative new design from iWALKFree, the WRC star is making a speedy recovery.

It was during one of Wilson’s regular training sessions – fell running around the English Lake District – that the British driver took an awkward fall. Having broken and severely damaged the ligaments in his left ankle, Wilson has been out of action since February.

During his recovery the 25 year-old discovered the iWALKFree – a hands-free crutch that, strapped to the user’s thigh, allows a higher degree of freedom and mobility. Fully adjustable and easy to use, the iWALKFree is designed for lower leg injuries, amputees and post-surgical patients.
Thanks to iWALKFree, Wilson has been able to maintain his upper body strength and get back to training after just nine weeks.

Matthew Wilson said: “IWALKFree has enabled me to get back to training a lot sooner than I would have otherwise and I have managed to maintain the strength in my upper body which will be a big help when I get back behind the wheel.

“I remember being on crutches after my 2005 accident [breaking his knee cap into 12 pieces after a heavy impact at the Rally of Wales] and how difficult everyday life was. IWALKFree was exactly what I was looking for and enabled me to be a lot more independent during my recovery than I had been in 2005.”
For more information on iWALKFree, visit www.peglegs.co.uk.