RallyTwo Championship for 2013 BRC

Recognising that Rally 3 cars are likely to dominate the MSA British Rally Championship, the 2013 series will benefit from its own RallyTwo Championship for competitors in classes other than R3.

The new BRC RallyTwo Championship will provide a focal point for competition amongst crews in BRC classes six to ten, providing their own event and TV podium, separate media coverage and end of season awards. The new Championship will also benefit competitors in these classes by providing other key initiatives which will be announced ahead of next season.

The MSA British Junior Rally Championship, promoted as the series entry level category will continue to be limited to Classes 9 & 10 (R1) machinery exclusively for drivers under the age of 23.

Championship Manager Mark Taylor: “Recognising that the overall British title and events will probably be won by the more powerful R3 cars, it is time to create a standalone championship and focus for the other categories. Grouping the cars into R1 and R2 makes perfect sense as longer term, the new breed of car will supersede the older Group N and A variants. These two Championships should provide competitors within them with two bites of the cherry. Not only will they be vying for individual class wins but they will now have a promoted and relevant encompassing Championship title to aim for.”

The 2013 BRC titles will be:
MSA British Rally Championship for drivers (open to all)
MSA British Rally Championship for co-drivers (open to all)
MSA British Manufacturers Rally Championship (for registered manufacturers)
BRC RallyTwo Championship (classes 6-10)
MSA British Junior Rally Championship (under 23’s, classes 9 & 10)
BRC Teams Cup (for registered teams)
RAVENOL OILS Privateers Cup
BRC Ladies Cup
BRC Classes 5-10 (Each individual class will continue to have own its title and awards)

For more information on the MSA British Rally Championship visit http://www.rallybrc.co.uk.