The fastest way to wake up in the mornings

To celebrate a decade of timing and tracking the World Rally Championship, with a bit of fun, Stage One Technology has taken the next logical step… They’re going to wake you up every day!

The start lights Stage One Technology deployed at the beginning of every single stage of the World Rally Championship – from Argentina to Australia and Kenya to Catalunya – are being made available to sit at the side of your bed.

5-4-3-2-1… GO(od morning)!

Following an overwhelming response to a single tweet about the LAUNCH Rally Alarm Clock (with World Rally Car sounds) in January, Stage One Technology has decided to launch LAUNCH on the crowd-funding website phenomenon, Kickstarter. Go to

“Honestly, we just thought it would be a bit of fun,” said S1Tec boss, Simon de Banke. “But my inbox filled up with requests, and in some cases demands, so we’re excited to get it made – not least because it means we can all have one ourselves!

“We’re really busy at the moment, but the WRC means so much to S1Tec that the guys skipped lunch to work on LAUNCH – not that they all need lunch… And, the really good news about this latest S1Tec project is that none of them will ever have the excuse of not hearing their alarm clock!”

If you want to see LAUNCH launched, get over to Kickstarter, reserve yours and support the campaign.

By the way, if you fancy a longer lie-in… you can always declare a jump-start and go back to sleep!

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