Ford Fiesta Super 2400 to make debut on the Malcolm Wilson Rally

M-Sport, the company behind the Qatar M-Sport World Rally Team, will debut their latest customer product developed over the closed season at the upcoming Malcolm Wilson Rally on 2 March 2013.

As well as preparing a four car assault on the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), M-Sport’s engine specialists have developed an all new 2.4 Litre engine initially intended for its S2000 specification car. This new engine is a direct replacement for the standard 2 Litre unit and significantly lifts the power to 325 bhp as well as improving the torque figures throughout the RPM range.

The honour of testing the new engine on its competitive debut falls to the man who sponsors the rally – M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, who will be partnered by Roger Albert Clark winning navigator and head of M-Sport’s Logistics department, John ‘Milly’ Millington. The engine will be fitted to the Ford Fiesta S2000 which first claimed victory on its debut at the Monte Carlo Rally in 2010.

Although the new engine is not homologated for FIA use, it has been designed for competitors using the Fiesta S2000 in National Championships such as the BTRDA. As well as an upgrade for the S2000 specification Fiesta, the engine has also been designed so that it can be used in other applications such as Ford’s MkI and MkII Escorts.

Following its maiden outing on the Malcolm Wilson Rally, the engine is scheduled to be released to customers within the coming months.

M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson, said: “With the introduction of the [Ford] Fiesta R5, M-Sport identified that demand for the naturally aspirated car may turn more towards National rally series. This gave us a perfect opportunity to develop a new power plant for the car with improved performance. The engine has primarily been designed to appeal to competitors who run in non FIA restricted series, and will allow the customer to have an engine that not only sounds great, but has the added bonus of being coupled with one of the best chassis designs around – that of the [Ford] Fiesta S2000. We are also looking to sell the engine separately so that anyone who is building their own car can use the unit in their own projects. This kind of engine really appeals to me so with having the luxury of a spare weekend before heading to [Rally] Mexico, I couldn’t let the opportunity of giving the unit its debut pass me by. It had been a while since I have competed competitively, but I hope people will come out just to hear the noise!”

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