Karl Kruuda and Martin Kangur with Ford Fiesta R5 cars in auto24 Rally Estonia

The auto24 Rally Estonia 2013 to be held on 19 – 20 July will one of the first competitive outings for new, just-homologated Ford Fiesta R5. These two Estonian youngsters, who are well known in the world of rally, Martin Kangur and Karl Kruuda, will both be driving the brand-new Ford Fiesta R5 cars. Both cars will be run by MM-Motorsport, which is one of two teams who recieved first Fiesta R5s from M-Sport.

Kruuda and Kangur are looking forward to the start of the auto24 Rally Estonia. Kruuda, who has been taking part in SWRC and IRC with S2000 cars, have had a chance to briefly try the Fiesta R5 on tarmac. For Kangur, who was third in IRC 2WD Cup 2012, it will his first start with a 4WD car. Both these drivers are planning to do a proper test with car on gravel before auto24 Rally Estonia.

In the auto24 Rally Estonia Historic, which is also a round of FIA Historic European Championship this year, the biggest name for sure is Jari-Matti Latvala. Latvala`s interest for historic rally cars is well-known: last year he and Asko Sairanen took part in auto24 Rally Estonia Historic, which was a round of FIA Historic European Championship too. And they won it in style driving a very remarkable Ford Escort RS Mk2 BDA. This year, Latvala will tackle the fast gravel roads in south Estonia with the first four-wheel drive car in WRC, the Audi Quattro.

The auto24 Rally Estonia is not just a rally. It is also a live concert on Friday night with Estonian famous heavy-metal band Metsatöll. The Service Park has a lot of activities for children with a special Lõunakeskus children area. Roads in south Estonia offer a lot of jumps, but on Friday night’s Super Special Stage in Otepää is a specially-built artificial auto24 jump that will see cars fly for more than 30 metres!

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