First-Turn Frustrations in the Global RallyCross [PLUS photo gallery]

The Global RallyCross series has provided some interesting competition for fans in the USA. These wildly powerful RX cars are something to behold, and this series now draws a highly competitive field.

As in rallying, if you hire a Finn you’ll win. Toomas Heikkinen has claimed two victories on the trot, winning all comers at this past weekend’s Atlanta Motor Speedway in style.

In fact, this was the fifth win (including event heats) for Toomas Heikkinen’s Global Rallycross career, with all five having come in the past five races. He is now tied with Marcus Gronholm for the all-time series win lead. With a 43-point lead, he can clinch the 2013 GRC Driver’s Championship by simply starting a race with 16 or fewer cars. To boot, this was the sixth win in seven races this season for OlsbergsMSE, who runs his Ford Fiesta ST.

There are only two rounds of the series left. Only Tanner Foust can match the Finn’s speed it seems. Not even Ken Block, who is showing the fastest lap times but unable to translate that into wins, is unable to keep pace. Block has a curse: each final of this season, he has been bumped, hit and taken out in the first turn, or suffers mechanical problems to sideline him. This past weekend saw him once again leading the pack in the heat races, but a mechanical problem on the startline saw him only complete one lap.

Another international rally driver to join this series is Patrick Sandell, also in an OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta ST. He has claimed a win this season, but is still getting to grips with this series and its first-turn shenanigans. David Higgins (Subaru Impreza for SRTUSA) has made a handful number of appearances in the series this season too, and shows his wealth of experience behind the steering wheel of a rally machine.

Photos: Newspress and Subaru Media USA.

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