Jan Kopecky Interview: “I’m still learning!”

Czech driver Jan Kopecky might be 2013 European Rally Champion, but he’s still learning and gaining experience from different rallies, surfaces and situations. And he does so with great enthusiasm.

Liga Stirna met up with Kopecky at the ERC Rally Poland on the weekend, and had a chat with him for H&H:

Q: May I congratulate you as a new European Champion?
JK: “I don’t know; I was not counting. My mathematics always has been quite bad, you know.”

Q: But you might be the first champion of the new-look ERC?
JK: “Yes, it’s interesting and very good that IRC and ERC are now together in one event and here in Poland we saw that it is good challenge for everyone. And it’s nice also that local drivers have a chance to win: they do not need a factory car, and still can win a rally!”

Q: Rally Poland was very specific. Have you seen and driven in conditions like that?
JK: “No, no, no! It was quite difficult. Last year it was fully dry and not so many fast drivers at the start. We had to change setup, for the last long stage, and we were quite fast to keep our position.”

Q: What have you learned from this event?
JK: “That I still have many things where to improve on gravel as in Czech Republic we don’t have a single gravel rally. Last year I did one gravel rally, this year: three. And, I am learning!”

ERC Rally Poland, Mikolajki 13-15  Septmeber 2013

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