Martin Kangur: “Goal for 2014: ERC“

Martin Kangur, who made this year his first appearances with 4WD car aims next year FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) series. He is no stranger in there as he was third in 2012 2WD Cup driving Catwees Honda Racing Honda Civic Type-R. For 2014 he has made a plan which contains at least eight rounds in ERC. Last year he was one of the first drivers racing with brand new Ford Fiesta R5. He achieved fifth place overall in strong competition in auto24 Rally Estonia. Later he started also in Rally Poland, round of ERC, where he won two stages with Ford Fiesta R5. With that he become one of the youngest stage winners in ERC and was in final classification 14.

“Our goal and plan for 2014 is ERC with 4WD car. At least eight rounds. Our budget is partly covered at the moment but we are working hard. Speaking of rallies we haven’t made a final choice but certainly we wish to start in Rally Liepaja in winter, auto24 Rally Estonia which is our home rally and in Ypres Rally where we have been many times and where we were in 2012 fastest in 2WD Cup. We’re also working to find a team and a proper car for 2014. The team we’re going to work with should offer us a top-class 4WD car and testing between rallies. We have already spoken with many teams but we are still open to offers,” explains Martin Kangur his plans for 2014.

As the goal is to take part in at least eight rounds in ERC it means rallies in different grounds. Kangur agrees that he has some advantage on gravel and snow where he has more experience.

“Considering that I have small experience with 4WD car we decided that in the first half of the season our goal is to get experiences and then fight for high places in rallies. For sure I have more experience on snow and gravel and we need to use this advantage. On tarmac we need to develop through tests and rallies to be in top level,” speaks Martin Kangur.

ERC season starts with Jänner Rallye in Austria, according to the plan Martin Kangur wishes to start his season in Latvia, Rally Liepaja from 31 January-2 February.

Photos by Greg Roslon.
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