The battle for the future

There are currently three big players in world of rallying, and all are involved in the fight for the R5-spec honours. This, reportedly, will be the way of the future for rallying… Beyond 2017, this could be the new formula for World Rally Cars we have been reliably informed.

There have been 50 M-Sport Ford Fiesta R5s sold to date. More on this later this week. Only 22 orders have been placed for Peugeot’s 208 T16, but with the failure of international homologation this might sway hesitant buyers… Either way, the future of rallying looks very bright and sideways to us!

So, Skoda (owned by Volkswagen Group) is in with their soon-to-be launched Fabia R5…

Peugeot (in partnership with Citroën) have brought the Peugeot 208 T16 rally machine. It was not granted FIA International Homologation papers last week, but the company are looking to resubmit these to the FIA for examination once more later this quarter.

Ahead of the pack in terms of development, competition time and orders is the mighty impressive M-Sport Ford Fiesta R5.

Head-to-head, the Peugeot is the closest target for the M-Sport Ford Fiesta R5.

But, which is the most beautiful R 5? That is quite simply the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo rally beast! Okay, not quite an FIA R5-spec rally machine, who could resist a video of this Renault 5 in Group B glory!