Specialist Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a science. Applying strategies, forecasting and mathematics, reaching the widest audience possible for your team and event news takes dedicated specialists to achieve. Press Releases no longer hold the media influence they once did; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combine in a heady mix of news and information directed at your fans and sport. Your sponsors are demanding ever greater returns on their capital investment. Social Media Marketing is 7 days-a-week. Your audience demands it. Your sponsors too.

We take the guesswork out of this. We’re THE motorsport Social Media Marketing specialists with SIX years of behind-the-scenes work. A number of teams, events and sponsors benefit from our skills – from the UK to the USA, South Africa and New Zealand, to Russia too. We offer you a one-stop experience. Results are proven. Transparency is key.

All very well, but how much does this cost? we can assume you’re asking yourself now.
From as little as USD$100 / GBP£74 / ZAR1350 per month.

Contact us NOW: evanrothman@gmail.com | +27834526892 (also available on WhatsApp).

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