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Lack of rain affects Rally America’s Olympus Rally

With the Olympus Rally set for 22 – 23 September a lack of rain over the last few weeks in the Olympia, WA area has forced Olympus Rally organizers to alter the event due to an increased forest fire threat issued by landowners. To protect against forest fires landowners are requiring that no recreational activities take place during the hottest part of the day.

As a result, event organizers are happy to report that the 23rd running of the Olympus Rally will continue despite an increased fire danger level. Unfortunately, the agreement also closes the land to public use and as a result, organizers have had to cancel on-stage spectator viewing locations for both Saturday and Sunday.

Fans can still attend the Super Special that will take place at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA on Saturday evening at 18h40. A Super Special Stage allows fans to watch the racing action from start to finish from a single viewing location. It’s a great opportunity to watch the competition and meet the drivers in the service area. The Ridge Motorsports Park is a new road course facility located at 1060 Eells Hill Rd, Shelton, WA – the fee for access to The Ridge Motorsports Park on Saturday will be just $10 per car load.

In addition, the Olympus Rally event schedule has been changed to support the land closure. The most visible change will be the cancellation of both the Olympia Capitol grounds Parc Expose on Saturday morning as well as The Ridge Motorsports Park Parc Expose on Sunday morning – both activities have been cancelled to allow the rally to start earlier. A complete schedule will be available soon on http://www.rally-america.com.

The Olympus Rally is the sixth and final event of the Rally America National Championship and is slated to attract 78 rally teams to the Olympia, WA – the largest field of teams ever entered in a Rally America event. This year’s Olympus Rally will feature some of the top rally teams in all of North America including Subaru Rally Team (which recently won the Rally America National Championship), Monster World Rally Team with Gymkhana legend Ken Block and the Rockstar Energy Drink Rally Team with 2010 Rally America National Champion Antoine Le’Estage.

The Olympus Rally organizers appreciate the understanding from rally fans and sponsors and hope spectators will respect the landowner’s wishes.

Please direct further questions to press@rally-america.com or for more information.

NEFR is ready for competition this weekend

The fifth round of the Rally America National Championship is scheduled to land at the New England Forest Rally (NEFR) on July 13 – 14th in Newry, Maine. NEFR is the second to the last in the national circuit and is a favorite event among many rally drivers for it’s technical, flowing gravel roads set among a picturesque mountain landscape. Continue reading NEFR is ready for competition this weekend

Two wins in a week

Contesting Round Four of the Rally America series this past weekend in Pennsylvania, Canadian driver Antoine L’Estage and his co-driver Nathalie Richard claimed another victory, confirming their domination of the North American Rally Championship just one week after their last win in Canada.

“This is a huge victory for the Rockstar Energy Drink team, especially right after winning last weekend out west at the Rocky Mountain Rally,” said L’Estage. “We already accomplished this same back-to-back win in 2010 – just taking part in both events with the same car is something pretty special when you consider the time it takes to cross the continent and the logistical challenges involved. Winning both is especially sweet and I’m really so proud of the entire team.” Continue reading Two wins in a week

2012 calendar for the US Rally Championship announced

The United States Rally Championship announced the following Calendar for the 2012 Season:
Rally New York USA, April 21 – 22, 2012 (tarmac)
Idaho Rally, June 9 – 10, 2012 (gravel)
Gorman Ridge Rally (California), August 25, 2012 (gravel)
Rally Delaware, August 24 – 25, 2012 (tarmac)
Prescott Rally (Arizona), October 5 – 6, 2012 (gravel)
International Rally New York, October 20 – 21, 2012 (gravel)

The United States Rally Championship consists of a combination of two tarmac rallies and four gravel rallies. Events of the United States Rally Championship allow for two-pass reconnaissance and pace notes. The combination of tarmac events and gravel events, full reconnaissance and pace notes make the United States Rally Championship unique in North America as no other series in North America encompasses all these features. There are no other tarmac National Championship rallies on the calendar in North America. Continue reading 2012 calendar for the US Rally Championship announced